Ryan Horsman


As a founding member of HALO, entrepreneur and CEO Ryan Horsman has played an instrumental role in the daily operation and calculated development of the business. Under his strategic leadership, the company has increased in size and stature – growing from a small aviation company into one of South Africa’s pre-eminent rotor and fixed wing aeromedical evacuation service providers.  He remains true to his passion for aviation, advocating for a culture of safety in helicopter operations, both nationally and internationally. His intense commitment to making a difference, by saving lives, fuels his determination to provide South Africa with the most efficient and advanced patient retrieval programme. Every aspect he promotes at HALO is about adding value, remaining relevant and maintaining the company’s position as an industry leader while redefining norms and breaking boundaries.

Ryan believes that “the only limitation to success is your own fear”.

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Emergency Call: 086 111 6107

Halo Aviation Logo

EMERGENCY CALL 086 111 6107

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