Medical Equipment

Mission critical
lifesaving equipment

Our air ambulance fleet is equipped with advanced lifesaving equipment for the most extreme medical emergencies. We have chosen the most reliable, technologically advanced brands – so unparalleled medical care is made possible. Each of our mobile flying ICUs is equipped with:

Aeromedical Patient Monitor and Defibrillator

By using the latest in monitoring equipment, we can comfortably monitor our patient’s heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, temperature, efficacy of CPR and end-tidal carbon dioxide levels (critical in monitoring ventilation). This monitor also functions as an AED and a manual defibrillator – which means it can restore life-threatening heart rhythm disturbances by delivering a calculated electrical shock to the heart. Not all monitors are created equal and this device has shown its worth more than once, with its modular design and exceptional battery life. More than that, it records accurate measurements despite all the movement, vibration and noise that’s associated with moving a patient in an airplane.

Mobile Mechanical Ventilator

When a patient can no longer adequately breathe for themselves, this is generally an indication for mechanical ventilation. Traditionally mobile/transport ventilators were crude and simple; but modern ventilators allow us to precisely deliver each breath to the patient using a variety of advanced ventilation modes.

Vacuum Mattress

Every year a large unnecessary expenditure in healthcare is owing to pressure-related complications. To counter this, we only use a vacuum mattress which is a purpose made, full-length mattress that conforms to the patient’s body for optimal comfort and minimises pressure-related complications.

Infusion Pumps

Whether it’s life-sustaining medications to regulate heart rate and blood pressure or antibiotics to fight off severe infection, we use specialised delivery devices which control the rate and dose of medication precisely.

Mechanical CPR

When all else fails and a cardiac arrest occurs during transport, we can rely on our mechanical CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) device to provide lifesaving closed cardiac compressions – even in the limited space of an aircraft. This device can operate for up to three hours while the heart is restarted with medication and other therapies.

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